Sasa’s belief is that the majority of the quality in coffee begins at the source, the farm. Having spent a lot of time working with coffee producers, experimenting with different picking, processing, drying and growing conditions, he is always attempting to increase the quality of coffee and its flavour profile.

In the last five years alone, many of the producers Sasa has worked or established relationships with have procured awards, such as titles from the Cup of Excellence (CoE) program. The farmers with whom he has worked with consistently report improvements in their techniques, the quality of their coffee and the conditions they work in. For this reason, he purchased coffee farms in both Honduras and Nicaragua, where he and other producers can experiment with new and innovative techniques to improve taste and quality in coffee.

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  • Rows of coffee beans drying in the sun
    Chelelektu, Ethiopia

Farming & growing

Sasa’s farming and growing consultancy aims to vastly improve the flavour of coffee and the overall score it receives on the cupping table. This consultancy achieves this by examining farming methods and looks at improving soil conditions, picking, processing, drying, dry milling procedures, sampling, sample roasting, cupping and even local water conditions in labs and farms.

By examining all these different facets of farming and growing, we can achieve the best conditions so that your coffee is reaching its maximum potential so that the customer tastes the best product possible. Sasa aims to grow coffee to achieve a specific flavour profile and to best express the region the coffee is grown and the varietals grown.

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  • Finca Inmaculada, Colombia
    Finca Inmaculada, Colombia
  • Small coffee plants underneath shelter
    Bonga, Ethiopia

Competition coaching

Sasa has had a successful career of coaching various baristas in National and World competitions. In 2016 alone, he coached Hugh Kelly from the state barista competition to the World Barista Championship 2016 in Dublin, where he placed 8th overall. Sasa also coached Natalia Petrowska, National Barista Champion 2016 of Ireland, who placed 6th overall in the World Barista Championship 2016. In the past he has also coached competition baristas from Turkey, Australia, Thailand and Poland.

When it comes to barista coaching, Sasa aims to enable each barista to reach their highest potential. This begins with getting to know each competitor personally and understanding the ways in which they interpret and use coffee in their performances, as well as their values, vision and goals. Sasa’s coaching extends to green bean selection, roasting and profiling, signature drinks, extraction, performance, technical scoring and judging.

Most importantly, Sasa aims to help each barista find their inspiration and enables them to build this into their routine.

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  • Hugh kelly, Centred, 2016 Australian barista champion
    Hugh kelly, Centred, 2016 Australian barista champion
  • Three men standing together
    Sam Corra, right, 2017 Australian brewing champion

“My joy comes from seeing people improving and succeeding in the industry.”

Training & workshops

Widely regarded as one of the industry’s leading educators, Sasa mentors, trains and consults to baristas and café owners from around the world. Travelling far and wide to educate, guide and support coffee producers, Sasa’s guidance isn’t limited to baristas. Sasa’s workshops can help to improve knowledge of green bean production as well as coffee processing infrastructure.

He is committed to improving the quality of life of farm workers’ by paying a premium price directly to the farmers.

In his green bean and roasting workshops, alongside ONA Coffee Head Roaster, Sam Corra, Sasa covers how the activities and processes at the farm drastically effect flavour consistency and the ageing of coffee. These workshops cover processing, drying, quality control from farm to cup and more, while also covering roasting theory, live roasting, sample roasting and cupping.

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“I will always continue chasing the perfect cup. We may not ever find it, but we'll keep searching.”

— Sasa Sestic