The Coffee Man Podcast #9 Think & Support Local

Think & Support Local 

On Episode 9, Think & Support Local, of The Coffee Man Podcast Sasa Sestic and Craig Johns talk with special guest Rob Collier (Riverina Milk) about connecting coffee, milk and great friendships, resilience of the farming community, connectivity and camaraderie of the specialty coffee industry and supporting the local dairy and coffee ecosystem.

We also delve into connecting people through local cafes, sharing strategies to get better together, the health and safety of our people, being a calm leader and upgrading our communication.

Stay tuned for the next episode of The Coffee Man Podcast where we speak about belief, unlocking your talent, focusing on what you can control, finding clarity in your strengths and what value you bring, and having a disciplined mindset.

The Coffee Man Podcast 9 Think & Support Local Sasa Sestic Craig Johns Rob Collier

The Coffee Man Podcast

The Coffee Man Podcast’ is a joint venture between former World Barista Champion and business innovator Sasa Sestic, and high performance leadership expert Craig Johns. Together, they explore not only coffee, but the depths and intricacies of business, leadership and innovation.

This podcast covers a range of topics, from what goes into creating a cup of coffee to how to plan, innovate and lead in business for a better future. Sasa and Craig explore how to create high performing teams, catalyse innovation, nurture talent and continuously shape businesses of the future.

This podcast series is not only about the struggles and hurdles of creating successful and meaningful business – but about the tools and inspiration to create the change you desire in your life, team or business.


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