The Coffee Man Podcast #5 Leaders Create Leaders

On Episode 5, Leaders Create Leaders, of The Coffee Man Podcast Sasa Sestic and Craig Johns talk about true Leaders Create Leaders not followers, the importance of hiring on values before talent and skills, getting to know the staff first and inspiring employees motivation.

We also take a look at coaching leadership style, removing filters, increasing the capacity of their people to lead themselves, being more than a leader of people, and making yourself redundant as a leader.

Stay tuned for the next episode of The Coffee Man Podcast where we speak about everyone needs a coach, leadership loneliness, why it’s so important to have an external perspective, and how to get the most out of a coach. Sasa and I also discuss why an answer is only as good as a question, is everyone coachable, how to create a space which accelerates coaching, coaching is not just about being a cheerleader, and what it means to be a coach.


The Coffee Man Podcast Episode 5 Leaders Create Leaders Sasa Sestic Craig Johns ONA COFFEE

The Coffee Man Podcast

The Coffee Man Podcast’ is a joint venture between former World Barista Champion and business innovator Sasa Sestic, and high performance leadership expert Craig Johns. Together, they explore not only coffee, but the depths and intricacies of business, leadership and innovation.

This podcast covers a range of topics, from what goes into creating a cup of coffee to how to plan, innovate and lead in business for a better future. Sasa and Craig explore how to create high performing teams, catalyse innovation, nurture talent and continuously shape businesses of the future.

This podcast series is not only about the struggles and hurdles of creating successful and meaningful business – but about the tools and inspiration to create the change you desire in your life, team or business.


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